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Because training should be fun!!

60 episodes that cover 60 skills - master these and you'll have unlimited options on the field.

Training Episodes

The expert coaches from the World's #1 Soccer Skills Teaching Program are onscreen and in your ears!

What Makes BreakAway Stars Different ?

Built on the Coever Coaching Method, BreakAway Stars has over 36 years of proven success at every level from beginners to professionals.

<p>Stream or Download</p>

Stream or Download

Our online platform is available anywhere enabling you to train regardless of your access to fields or traditional team practices.

<p>60 Masterskills </p>

60 Masterskills

BreakAway Stars has been designed to enable, equip and empower players at every level. Master the basics and create combinations that are used by the best players in the world. Not just a short Youtube video but a specialized 20 minute Training session for Results!

<p>FIT - Futbol Interval Training</p>

FIT - Futbol Interval Training

The only program on the market that combines conditioning training that is specific to late game scenarios. While other players are fading BreakAway Stars are able to perform their master-skills under fatigue with precision and excellence.

<p>Two Coaches </p><p>Two types of learning</p>

Two Coaches

Two types of learning

Some players are visual and some players respond when a coach walks them through a skill while explaining - in detail - as they attempt it. We've created BreakAway stars to meet both players' individual needs.

<p>Learn at your own pace </p>

Learn at your own pace

Each lesson builds on the previous with the most difficult moves coming at the end of the program. Players have absolute flexibility to move at their own pace. If you want to spend a whole week on a single move, no problem you have that option.

<p>It's NOT boring !!</p>

It's NOT boring !!

Let's be honest - some online programs are static, long, and outright boring. With no motivating music and monotone instruction, they leave you wanting to give up before you finish the instruction. If you're not completely satisfied with BreakAway Stars you can cancel at anytime. But we don't think you will!

The future of online soccer training is here.

This is just the beginning of a world class training platform. We will always be innovating, refining and adding content. Our commitment to you - our BreakAway Star Tribe - is to keep producing groundbreaking material to make you the best players on the pitch - PERIOD

BreakAway Stars built on Coerver Coaching Excellence

- Here's what our friends say about our teaching method -

<p>BreakAway Stars built on Coerver Coaching Excellence</p><p> - Here's what our friends say about our teaching method - </p>

“It was obvious to us all that the Coerver® Coaching program encourages and teaches individual skills and creativity which is needed by us, as much as by other countries.”



Transform Your Game Today

A mindset and intelligent player platform

Watch Anywhere, Anytime.

Do you have a "no days off" mentality ? Then you'll love BreakAway Stars.

Expert Coaches

2-Master level coaches lead each player through training sessions with specific "mechanical" instruction for proper execution–while providing growth mindset encouragement.

Soccer Meets Neuroscience

Proven to build mind-muscle connection, our curriculum has been approved by leading neuroscience experts. Smart Players = Winners!

60 Episodes

60 twenty-minute episodes that lead players through critical ball mastery skills. Each episode introduces a skill movement, combined with corresponding FIT (Futbol Interval Training) for player fitness to push the mind and body's physical boundaries. All for $10 a month !! NO better value anywhere.

Here's What You Will Master


  1. Shuffle Stop Slide

  2. Shuffle Stop Take

  3. Shimmy Scissor

  4. Stop Shimmy

  5. Stop Shimmy Stepover

  6. Inside/Outside Roll Over

  7. Shuffle Roll Overs

  8. Slap Cut

  9. Slap Pull Behind

  10. Roll Stepover Reverse Cut

  11. Take Stop Scissor

  12. Take Scissors

  13. Drag Scissor

  14. Push Whip

  15. Drag Scissor Whip


  1. Take Stop Lunge

  2. Take Stop Step Over

  3. Double Step Over

  4. Shimmy Stepover

  5. Scissor Stepover

  6. Heel Toe Rolls

  7. Rollie Ollie

  8. Step Kick

  9. Heel Tap

  10. Sole Stop Start

  11. Dribble Cut Single Foot

  12. Dribble Cut Both Feet

  13. Whip Outside In & Inside Out

  14. Reverse Cut

  15. Whip Stepover Reverse Cut


  1. Inside/Outside Roll Up Pull Across

  2. Shuffle Stop Skip

  3. Shuffle Reverse Shuffle

  4. Scissor Skip

  5. Stop Skip Roll Out L Behind

  6. Attacking V Pull Push, Outside Foot

  7. Attacking V Behind Both Feet

  8. Deep V

  9. Attacking V Pull Push Stepover

  10. Attacking V Pull Push, Zidane Spin

  11. Shuffle Stepover Roll Out ¼ Turn

  12. Roll Out Drag Behind Roll Out

  13. Roll Out Drag Behind Drag Away

  14. Roll Out Drag Behind Reverse Cut

  15. Shimmy Roll Out Drag Behind


  1. Roll Up Outside Stop Both Feet

  2. Roll Out Shuffle

  3. Roll Over Drag Behind

  4. Roll Out Skip Push Forward

  5. Roll Out Drag Scissors

  6. Inside/Outside Roll Front & Back

  7. Inside/Outside Roll Stepover

  8. Roll Out/Roll in Stepover

  9. Roll Out Roll Stepover U Turn

  10. Roll Out Roll Behind Spin Drag

  11. Pull Push Inside & Outside

  12. Reverse Pull Pinky Toe to Pinky toe

  13. Reverse Pin w Opposite Foot Chop

  14. Reverse Pin with a Drag Behind

  15. Chop Outside Twist Off

How to use Breakaway Stars

Breakaway Stars is a “game changer” for off the field player development! Developed with a group of Master Coaches, Sport Scientists and Neuroscientist - Breakaway Stars changes “how” you learn. 

The Breakaway Stars Platform has (60) Training episodes divided into 12-Weeks. Each Week Category has (5) Training sessions that build on each other so, try not to skip around from week to week. The revolutionary impact of Breakaway Stars comes from the sport & neuroscience delivery of the episodes. 

The best way to experience the platform is to wear ear buds and disconnect from a phone, tablet or TV. Each Training episode has (4) rounds of Ball Mastery and a matching Cardio segment (linked to the kinetic skill movement). So, Breakaway Stars is NOT a YouTube video to watch. It IS a scientific approach to Ball Mastery Skill teaching matched with “game real” cardio fitness. The sessions are broken into 2-minute segments that repeat 4-times. It has opening and closing words of encouragement with the whole experience to thumping motivational music!

By design, the visual presentation of each Ball Mastery Skill movement is taken away to strengthen the motor-neuron signals from the brain through a coaches audio instruction. All done as if you are inside a video game running through the session - Remarkable!

Breakaway from the rest and be a Star with Breakaway Stars!

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